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Terms and conditions related to the help for the yahoo mail

One time service: we only give one time service for your helping the problem related to the yahoo mail. We focus on the various problems related to yahoo mail so we help only once.

Online service: we give support to the customer in only via online, we discuss with various problems related to the yahoo mail and save it so, you enjoy your yahoo mail service.

Payment refund: we understand that how much valuable is money for you, so we give refund option to the user you can go through the refund policy for the claiming of reufund of your product.

Independent: we are not linked with yahoo, we work independently and we have all the solution to problems related to the yahoo mails.

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We are independent provider, we are not linked with any other third parties or brand, we have many expertise to solve your problems who are very expert in their work and solve all the problems related to the yahoo mails. We are not connect with any brand logos and any products. We visit different brand site for the referential purpose only. We provide refund policy if the user claims it within 30 days.

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