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Yahoo mails helps to send, receive and managing the emails in simple and easy way. It is irritating when something’s not working according to plan as you may face many problems related to your Yahoo mail, we are discussing with some problems and their solution that you may have faced while using yahoo messenger.

Problems during sign in

Almost every user suffers from difficulties in signing in to their account even once in their problem. Some common problems occur during the sign in in yahoo mails are:

How to recover the password or yahoo Id?

You can recover your Yahoo ID and password by using the sign in helper in to your account. If you have forgotten your password, then change your password and be sure that you will remember the password after you are signed in or out. If you can’t remember the password for the next time, please note it on the notes where it will save. You can check the browser auto fill setting for the password recovery when your browser reminders your password.

Invalid password or id is showing while sign in the account.

Make sure you have not confused with between two that is the name lock and caps lock. Change your password if your browser remainder your password may be you have to update these settings in your browser. Try to sign in your yahoo mail in another browser may be, there is a problem with your browser and need to fix it. It is possible that someone has hacked your account so recover it with the help of sign in the helper of account and change your password instantly.

The “account locked” message appears while signing the yahoo mail

If you have given many unsuccessful attempts while sign in then your account will be temporarily locked, no need to worry it will automatically unlock within 24 hours.

How can we fix issues with yahoo account key?

Account key helps to increase the security of your yahoo mail by sending prompt in your mobile phone in place of using password. Here are the some problems with solution that may come up while using this.

How can i turn off the account key features?

Account key helps to secure your account as well as it helps to keep tension free of remembering password if you want to disable the account key features then you can disables your account key by the both web browser and yahoo apps let's discuss about both. If you want to manage your account key with the browser then you have to go on the account security page>> by yahoo account key you to click on manage>> click on the turn on or off>> the click the option disabled account key which will see on the bottom of screen to disabled it. If you are using yahoo apps you can disabled account key feature from yahoo app by clicking on the menu icon of the account key enabled app>> and then tap the account key icon>> then click on the manage account key>> and lastly click on the disabled account key to disabled it.

The problems with not receiving account key

If you are receiving account key notification turn it on with the help of yahoo app. You can request other notification by clicking on the resend. Still if you are facing the problem then you have to go on the yahoo sign in page>> enter the email for the sign in> choose test or email option for getting account key>> you have enter your missing digits of your phone number>> then submit it>> click the access phone no. Yes text me an account key>> if you don’t access it then you have to verify your alternate email address> type the verification code to confirm it>> and lastly click on the continue to access your account.

How can you add edit or disabled your signature in yahoo mail?

You can add or edit your signature with the following process

Select setting>> Account>>yahoo account>> attach the signature>> enter on edit to edit your signature>> save

You can disable the signature by the following process

Setting>>accounts>>yahoo accounts>> deselect the append signature>> save

How can you recognize and secure a yahoo mail account from hacking?

Here are the some important steps that you need to take for securing the account.

These are the sign for the hacked account

1. You will not get any notification related to any new mail.
2. The spam message will be sent to your contacts.
3. All the information and setting will change without your knowledge.
4. You will see login your account for unexpected location.

How to secure account where you have doubts that your account is hacked?

The best way to use the yahoo account key or two step verification. Change your password and keep it strong and close. Take the help of sign in helper when you get locked your account.

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